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             Public and private sector organisations are now in a state of continuous change. The opportunity for step change does not exist - evolution, not revolution is a necessity. Improvements to business processes and the technology that enables them must be incremental.

            Regulatory pressure and demand for short term ROI means that the traditional approach to IT strategy does not work. Timescales available for delivery of improved services continue to decrease.

            Money available for IT investment is shrinking, with an increasing proportion spent on maintaining existing systems. The days of the monster big bang application replacement programme are over for good.

With these limitations the choice is clear - businesses must join up their business processes across existing applications and business units. This must be achieved through a strategy that enables incremental improvement that converges on a long-term strategy.

Enterprise Integration is the foundation of this incremental strategy, enabling full exploitation of new and existing assets. Through engaging The Integration Practice, Clients ensure that this foundation is solid and always ready to build on.